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Online consulting is a widespread form of interaction between a specialist (psychologist, coach, astrologer, etc.) with the client. And this is not a tribute to fashion, but a vital necessity. There are more and more people who lack the opportunity to receive not only professional help, but also simply emotional support. In conditions of constant workload and lack of time, online consulting is sometimes the only option for communicating with a specialist.

7 Cups of Tea Review: Company Profile

The unique “7 Cups of Tea” platform is a platform that has long been a global market leader. It sang competes with such platforms as BetterHelp and ReGain Counseling.

Consultants from the “7 Cups of Tea” online platform will be happy to assist minors, their parents (their substitutes) and teachers in solving urgent problems of development, socialization, learning difficulties, and relationship problems.

Increasing the psychological and pedagogical competence (psychological culture) of minors, parents (persons substituting them), teachers.

7 Cups of Tea Review: Signing Up

While chatting on the “7 Cups of Tea” platform, it is difficult for clients and the counselor to get a feel for each other, but this tool can overcome some of the barriers that arise when starting therapy.

Before the online therapy “7 Cups of Tea”, the consultant must agree on the date, time and method of contact. The duration of a session with a consultant is the same as for a face-to-face session. It cannot be less than 50 minutes.

The most convenient and popular is the video consultation mode, using a special chat. This is the closest way of working to the traditional version, since the face-to-face mode is preserved. However, it is more demanding on the quality of communication (although with the development of networks, this nuance is becoming less important).

Conversations in encrypted chat in real time (so-called synchronous correspondence) are usually carried out in instant messaging programs. In the practice of “7 Cups of Tea” this format is in demand by clients who cannot completely retire for a sufficient time (young mothers; people working on a rotational basis, etc.), as well as those who have slow Internet access. Since some of the online therapy time is spent typing, this problem is usually solved by lengthening the session time.

7 Cups of Tea Review: Confidentiality & Privacy

When communication with a specialist takes place online, you can sitting in your favorite chair, the patient feels safer and more comfortable. This allows the consultant to remove certain barriers in the transmission and receipt of information, significantly reduce the psychological distance, and, as a result, build a more trusting communication, which completely removes the question of whether online psychotherapy is effective.

However, the “7 Cups of Tea” platform also took care of real security. All online consultations on the platform take place on an encrypted channel. That is why the information is not available to third parties.

Licensed therapists working on Platform “7 Cups of Tea” are always HIPAA compliant. As an added security, both the website and dedicated chats are SSL secured. Another very important nuance is that correspondence is never saved on the “7 Cups of Tea” platform!

7 Cups of Tea Review: Pricing

As we have already said in the previous sections, “7 cups of tea” offers two tariff plans:

  1. 100% free service with a “listener”.
  2. Paid online consultations with a certified therapist.

For the creators of the “7 cups of tea” platform, developing a paid tariff is a very serious step. That is why we offered the option of cooperation with certified specialists.

At the moment, online therapy on the “7 Cups of Tea” platform costs only $ 150 per month, and you will be able to communicate with a consultant in unlimited quantities. In addition, users tend to love them precisely because of their focus on community.

7 Cups of Tea Review: Usability (Desktop & Mobile)

After registering on the “7 Cups of Tea” platform, you can immediately start online therapy with a specialist.

Choose a consultant who will receive a notification indicating your contacts and, if there was one, with information from the psychologist selection questionnaire. The consultant contacts you conveniently using an encrypted chat.

The psychologist sets the duration of the session independently.

Your chats are visible in the chat window, and at the bottom there is a separate field for entering messages.

It should be noted that the creators have developed a mobile application that works on all gadgets.

IMPORTANT! As we said in the previous sections, we have certified specialists who work on a paid basis, as well as listeners who work for free. The “7 Cups of Tea” consultant will book time for you and prepare for the session. But, if, due to circumstances beyond your control, the session did not take place, you have the right to postpone or cancel the meeting, notifying the therapist about this.

7 Cups of Tea Counselor Qualifications:

We carefully check and interview all our psychologists.

They have degrees in psychological education, certificates for conducting psychotherapy and regularly undergo supervision.

The experience of specialists from platform “7 Cups of Tea” shows that the effectiveness of online consultations is not lower than the effectiveness of a face-to-face meeting.

7 Cups of Tea Review: Counselor Support & Effectiveness

There are “7 Cups of Tea” in our team of psychologists. We have gathered trusted psychologists, we know each other personally, we often see each other at conferences, seminars and supervisions. We are a big team, quality is more important to us than quantity.

  1.  If your gaze has settled on a photo of a psychologist, if something, sometimes not quite consciously, caught on in his text – do not pass by. Perhaps this is your future psychologist.

Having selected several specialists intuitively, make sure that they are indeed professionals – a psychologist must have a state diploma. Only he gives the right to practice. A good psychologist never stops studying – certificates of additional education are a plus for him. Conscientiously studying one area of ​​psychotherapy is already a lot of work. It is alarming if almost all known methods are listed in the profile.

  1. Undergoing therapy as a client is an important condition for the quality work of a psychologist. Without this, unresolved psychological problems of their own can be brought into the client’s process. Even if an experienced specialist does not refuse supervision, this indicates his responsible attitude to work. For beginners, supervision is essential.
  2. And finally, listen to your feelings during the online therapy on the “7 Cups of Tea” platform. Can you trust this person, do you feel sympathy, acceptance. Do you speak the same language. If you have doubts – do not hesitate to share them with the consultant – his reaction will tell you how ready he is to hear you, is resistant to frustration. The consultant should not overwhelm you with advice or overload you with his own experience. Pay attention to whether it gives space for your statements, whether it respects your lifestyle.

7 Cups of Tea Review: Specialties & Areas of Expertise

Thanks to their vast experience, online consultants can handle even the most difficult issues. So, what will the psychologist of the platform “7 Cups of Tea” help with?

  • Relationship difficulties
  • Finding yourself
  • Family relationships
  • Career and life plans
  • Anxiety and fears
  •  Self-doubt
  • Sexual relationship
  • Stress
  •  Substance Abuse
  •  Trauma & Abuse

Bottom Line:

Convenience of receiving online therapy on the “7 Cups of Tea” platform – you can get expert advice without leaving your home / office.

Saving time and money – you can consult a consultant “7 Cups of Tea” when it is relevant for you, and not when the next appointment with a specialist, or you have material opportunities. Many people, due to lack of time, cannot make an appointment with a specialist in person. A person, imagining how much time and money he will have to spend before he finally gets to a consultant, internally abandons this idea and as a result remains alone with his problems and tasks.

Comfortable communication on the platform “7 Cups of Tea” – correspondence with a specialist in a secure chat for many may be more comfortable and safe and a way to discuss their difficulties.

Anonymity of the consulting process on the platform – when consulting online, you yourself choose how you identify yourself: use a pseudonym or give your real name. Be that as it may, you can count on the complete anonymity of your data, since the online consultant follows the same professional and ethical standards as in face-to-face consultation. This creates a safe atmosphere and, accordingly, more opportunities for self-disclosure.

  Whatever the form of counseling – face-to-face or online, you should remember that the higher your personal activity, the greater your desire to look for a way out of the existing problems, the more successful the result of the counseling will be for you.

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