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It would seem a banal question, but nevertheless, online therapy is a form of psychological therapy in which the interaction of a specialist and a client is carried out using a cellular network or the Internet.

Online therapy and F2F therapy use the same methods and tools that are specific to a particular method of psychotherapy.

In 2013, it became known about the foundation of the largest online therapy center – BetterHelp. It is this system that offers more than 11,000 licensed specialists. They can help everyone in need. Any area of ​​mental health is available to these professionals.

By the way, their main advantage lies not only in the large size of BetterHelp, thanks to which the service is used by more than 1,000,000 people. Their main advantage is practicality and functionality. We guarantee complete anonymity and confidentiality.

BetterHelp Review: Service profile

Don’t forget that BetterHelp was created in 2013. Two years after their rapid development, they became the property of Teladoc. This is just one big company and telemedicine service provider in the country.

Teladoc had a huge workforce, so BetterHelp grew rapidly. Moreover, one thing that really stands out is that BetterHelp understands that human contact cannot be replaced. Rather, they are simply using new technologies to meet the expectations of today’s consumers.

BetterHelp Review: Signing Up

Psychoanalyst Frank Yeomans sent a letter to the Association for Transference-Focused Therapy with his reflections on distance communication. It contains many useful recommendations on how to make the process of psychotherapy more effective, but first you need to log in.

BetterHelp has created the most functional platform. But a person should follow the main safety rules. You can come up with any login. But use strong passwords and change them frequently.

  1. Enter your details in the form provided.
  2. Go to the secure payment page and enter your BetterHelp payment details.
  3. After passing all the procedures, a connection with the therapist will occur.

Important! By the way, the positive feedback from our clients indicates that the program selects the right therapist. And if you don’t like your chosen therapist, contact the support service and find a new specialist.

All consultations take place in a special chat room, to which only you and your therapist have access. This office is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our therapists work “in real time” but respond as quickly as possible when needed. If you really want a “live chat”, you just need to schedule it ahead of time with your therapist. This situation occurs with the phone and with live video sessions. This means that a chat is constantly active, which you can read through any gadget (computer, phone, tablet, etc.).

You can schedule a consultation at any time and date.

BetterHelp Review: Pricing

I have always personally met with my therapists, so I had no idea how much an online consultation might cost. You can’t even imagine how surprised I was when I saw that services on BetterHelp are much cheaper than in medical centers. This is a really great alternative to the office. The cost of services is only $ 65 per week. At the same time, you get an unlimited number of consultations.

BetterHelp Review: Usability (Desktop & Mobile)

Do you want to get medical help online? Follow a simple algorithm:

  1. Just log into your account on our website. By the way, the system is very similar to chat in Google Chat or Skype, so there will be no difficulties. Send messages in just one click and get a response from a specialist just as quickly. This will be notified by email.
  2. Select the doctor with the required profile. On the site you can see all the information about the specialist (experience, qualifications, education, cost of consultations) and read reviews about him.
  3. Send drugs to the doctor to arrange a consultation at a convenient time.
  4. Describe your problem in detail and attach the data of medical examinations (if available) so that the doctor can quickly give valuable advice.

Useful information! Open access to the platform both on your computer and on your phone. The app is free and available for both iOS and Android.

You will have several options for reviewing with the BetterHelp experts. In addition to text messages, you can conduct sessions in real time.

BetterHelp Review: Counselor Support & Effectiveness

Why is an online consultation on the BetterHelp platform a good alternative to a personal visit to a psychologist?

With the video turned on, the therapist sees the posture, facial expressions, gestures of the client no worse than with real contact. And analytical work does not lose anything.

For many clients, an online consultation at BetterHelp is more acceptable than a personal visit to a psychologist. You can contact a specialist directly from home, and there, as you know, the walls are heated. This means that the potential for client disclosure is greater.

Virtual mode saves effort and time with much less action. Usually, to sign up for an online consultation with a psychologist, you need no more than a couple of minutes of free time.

The client can study the portfolio of a psychologist in advance, familiarize himself with his articles, get an idea of ​​the qualifications of a specialist.

BetterHelp’s common modern online consulting practice is free introductory conversations, during which the request is studied and a further work plan is outlined. The client has a chance to come to the psychologist already somewhat “prepared”, and the psychologist prepares an idea of ​​the progress of the work in advance.

That is, the BetterHelp online space, paradoxically, reduces the potential risk of customer frustration and retrauma. It is only important to take a responsible approach to the choice of a specialist.

Any change is a challenge to old methods and the need to adapt. Now both clients are in a difficult situation (they remain with their feelings alone within four walls) and therapists who need not only to look for new solutions in order to continue their work, but also to restore broken contact, to build trust with clients in something completely different field.

BetterHelp Review: Confidentiality & Privacy

All expert consultations on the BetterHelp platform are built in an interactive format and are completely safe for your health, since they do not involve additional tools (medical recommendations, the use of drugs, etc.).

The counseling process on the BetterHelp platform is completely confidential. Since psychotherapy itself is a completely confidential process, the same principles apply to online therapy. From a technical security perspective, the TreatField platform uses SSL certificates from BetterHelp to protect against cracking, which makes the process reliable for users.

The BetterHelp Web Page Encryption System (SSL) is provided by Comodo. It is one of the leaders in data security. Messages between customer and technician are encrypted using bank-grade 256-bit encryption. BetterHelp’s therapists are also state certified and subject to strict local and federal privacy laws, including HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). Your medical and other medical information is kept confidential and is not shared with third parties. We do not cooperate with insurance companies and reliably protect the information received by us.

BetterHelp’s Counselor Qualifications

All BetterHelp therapists are licensed. They know their business and are accredited. In addition, they have a master’s or doctoral degree in this field. Each of them has a minimum of three years and 1000 hours of practice. Staff are psychologists, family therapists, clinical social workers or licensed professional counselors with a high level of expertise.

Specialties & Areas of Expertise

BetterHelp is a psychotherapeutic process that is no different from face-to-face therapy in an office, except perhaps for the physical presence of the client and the therapist in the same room. The process takes place in the online video communication service, allowing the client and therapist to be in different parts of the world. You should seek help from a therapist on the BetterHelp platform in the following situations:

  1. The loss of a loved one as a result of death or separation – modern psychotherapy techniques help to overcome psychological dependence and attachment, as well as to gain freedom.
  2. Experienced sexual or other physical violence – having become a victim or witness of criminal violence, a person plunges into feelings of fear and despair and often withdraws into himself again and again experiencing this intense stress.
  3. States of depression, oppression – loss of interest in life and emotional depression can arise both against the background of experienced stress, and for no apparent reason. A psychologist will help to understand and get to the bottom of the true reason, who at the same time will return motivation and desire to live.
  4. Obsessive guilt – having made a mistake once, a person sometimes cannot forgive himself all his life. A psychologist will also help to analyze and reevaluate the situation and restore mental balance.
  5. Difficult interpersonal relationships – the inability to establish normal relations with others, in particular, with children and other family members, is a good reason to seek professional psychological support.
  6. Phobias – being one of the strongest feelings, fear can enslave and break a person. Only a trained professional can bring such a patient back to life.

Bottom Line

  1. Saving time. The BetterHelp platform is a real lifesaver for people with busy work schedules and new mothers who don’t have the opportunity to allocate 2-3 hours for an in-person meeting (including travel time). Congestion and traffic jams significantly increase the time to move around the city. If therapy is carried out 2-3 times a week, then this is from 4 to 12 hours only for the road, which is critical even for a person with a lot of free time. When it comes to working with a therapist on the BetterHelp platform, it saves a lot of time and effort, while requiring much less action. All you need is headphones, a microphone, and a network connection.

The availability of a specialist for residents of other regions of the country or other countries. BetterHelp is a great solution if you live in a village where there is no therapist you need, or live abroad and it is important for you to get advice from a Russian-speaking psychologist.

  1. Ability to not interrupt therapy. You can continue to work with a therapist while on vacation, on a business trip, and even after moving to another city or country.
  2. Anonymity. Online consultations on the BetterHelp platform are useful in cases where anonymity is essential. Getting psychological help implies the possibility of filling out a simple form on the site: it is enough to indicate a name or a pseudonym and the desired method of feedback. You will not run into other psychologist clients.
  3. The ability to record a session and document the information received. During a session on the BetterHelp platform, the patient receives a large amount of new information, which may take time to assimilate or rethink. Communication through the BetterHelp platform allows you to record the conversation and exchange links to additional materials, literature, images, videos during consultations.
  4. Personal comfort and safety. In this case, we mean psychological safety. A person feels comfortable, and this allows the psychologist to remove certain barriers in the transmission and receipt of information, significantly reduce the psychological distance, and, as a result, build more trusting communication, which completely removes the question of whether online psychotherapy is effective.

In our opinion, the vitality and effectiveness of a particular method of psychotherapy depends on many things, including on how successfully it adapts to changes, while not betraying its theoretical concepts….

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