Body-Oriented Psychotherapy

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There is a type of psychotherapy that uses the body as a doorway to the psychic of person, by gathering information from it and also using it as a tool to improve certain aspects from his or her psychological life. Of course, this is not the only approach of this therapy called body oriented or somatic psychotherapy, but one of the starting points towards achieving psychological health. This therapy also bases on the idea that there are a number of feelings, impulses and emotions that are generated by or through the body but, because of the constraints of our environment that lead to psychological and physiological adaptations we are forced somehow to repress them or we are even incapable of identifying them.

An important element during the process of gaining life experience, the body opens a door to a different kind of understanding and experience, along with additional healing resources, that through normal talk therapies are unable to be accessed, due to the preference for the conscious over cognition and spoken expressions. Therefore, the body oriented therapy emphasizes the role of the body in generating feelings and emotions based on sensorial perception and the employment of the muscle system as a way to respond to the environment. Through this type of therapy a person is helped to gain more awareness concerning the physical sensations, as well as the emotions, impulses and feelings that result from these.

As a result of sensations, which are the body responses to various stimuli and there translation into feelings, the mind generates emotions. Thus, by becoming more aware of each sensation and impulse, a better understanding of our emotions is achieved, along with profoundness and richer experience. Through the body oriented therapy, the attention and awareness of the patient are focused on the things that act as constrictors for feelings and emotions and try to work on them to relief the tension and restore vitality at its full extent. Basically this helps the patient to discover through awareness the things that led to feelings and emotions to be choked and can work on them, while simple discourses can prove to be less or not at all efficient.

Being more aware of the sensations that run through our body puts us more in touch with our natural rhythm and allows the psyche to operate more efficiently when it comes to healing, moving, acting and breathing, so that we face any challenge with an increased chance of success. In this type of therapy, the awareness exercises increase the person’s strength to fight against compulsion, dissociation, anxiety, depression, chronic pain and other disorders.

The therapist using the body oriented therapy is able to guide the patient concerning the physical approach of his issues. He can even employ bioenergetic exercises for increasing physical awareness, as well as muscle and eyes manipulation and reprocessing.

As a result of the body oriented therapy, people find tremendous resources within their own bodies and they can therefore better fight against whatever disorder or other kinds of challenges.

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