Does Hypnotherapy Work

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Modern hypnosis has proved to be a very efficient tool when trying to fight with weight problems, get rid of smoking as a consequence of professional programs, but also with deeper or more complex issues like the lack of self confidence, helping the patient to regain it, to change some negative habits that one has been assimilated and now tries to change them or even remove them completely. Hypnosis has also shown great results when dealing with behavioral problems in the children sector, helps people who are a victim of their own fears, anxieties and phobias and also helps improve the memory.

Despite the good results provided by the use of hypnotherapy over the years, some people still don’t know exactly what it represents. An answer to that would be is that hypnosis represents a state of the brain in which it is very relaxed, so that information buried deep in one’s mind can be easier to access and express also due to a hyper-suggestible state. Hypnosis was an important tool in the healing sector over the years and hypnotic suggestions played a major role in a lot of cultures. There is a statistics backed up by the World Health Organization that states that in the most suitable circumstances and when done by a professional, hypnosis can be inflicted on more than 90% of the general population of the Earth.

There is a natural state of hypnosis that is very common. For example it can be manifested by a person who reads a book and is very caught by the reading so it cannot respond to external stimuli. The same thing can happen when watching TV, listening to music or even driving, the latter also being known as the “highway hypnosis”.

Besides the relaxed state, hypnosis does not have other benefits by itself, taken alone. The real consistent effects are achieved in clinics, when this relaxed state is used to pass on suggestions to mind during an emotional healing process for example. Opposed to some theories, during hypnosis people cannot be forced to do anything which is against their moral values.

It is known that behavioral and habit control lies in the subconscious. Mechanisms are set up there, so the hypnosis can facilitate accessing those mechanisms from the outside world and allows changes to be made when needed. For example if a man gets dump by his beautiful ex girlfriend, he must still be hostile against beautiful women.

Also, the linking channel between the conscious and the unconscious opens when the brain is relaxed, for example when sleeping and allows some exchanges between the two. When ideas and images come out from the unconscious in sleep, they are called “dreams”. Hypnosis also opens this channel and allows suggestions to be made and a lot of people have testified that great improvements up to full successes have been achieved in problems like smoking, lack of ability to lose weight, lack of self-confidence and also in the area of increasing the academic and learning skills for almost every age groups.

Since some of the things we want to change are deeply rooted in our minds, suggestions work best when in alliance with repetition.

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