Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

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There are a lot of problems that affect our lives and have causes that we can control more or less. One of these problems is overweight, which many people try to treat it in different ways. Some of them think that gastric band hypnotherapy can help them getting rid of the overweight problem or the causes that lead to overweight, like overeating. Even if it’s not one hundred percent false, this is far from being a warranty and is nothing else but a preconceived idea. But it’s very comfortable to think that by letting somebody else enter our mind and programming it as it should, giving orders that our mind and, through it, ourselves, would follow them unconditionally.

It is, however, true, that the gastric band hypnotherapy helps fixing some things and lacks the risk that a surgical intervention would attract, but in the end it only deals with the causes – the overweight – and not the causes of the effects. Therefore, even if one turns to such method, one would still need to deal with the underlying issues of this problem, its causes. In many cases, people who turn to gastric band hypnotherapy and think this is the ultimate solution, end up by putting on more weight due to the fact that they turn every food into liquid in a desperate try to lose weight and get rid of the sugar problems. In order for this method to be effective, one must attend the full therapeutic schedule and just accept their problems and professional counseling in trying to deal with them.

When put together, hypnotherapy and counseling are a good team of procedures that can go deep in the problem and work on its causes, be it overeating or the presence of the wrong foods in one’s diet. Focusing on these underlying sources makes people be more aware of their problems and what they do wrong, so they can easier find solutions and the will to embrace those solutions. In this way, they get rid of low self esteem and manage to put themselves in the top of the priority list. They understand that the stomach is not very big and accepts only limited volume of food in order to function at optimal parameters, therefore they will begin to select their foods and quantities in a way that their health is better protected.

There are some things to which one must pay attention, in order not to risk alimentation related health problems. Eating extra food and sweets in the evening, while just staying in bed or on the couch provides calories that the body doesn’t need. Also, eating at the dinner table is a measure of discipline and helps the body see it as a normal meal. Also, it would be preferred not to perform any activities while eating, like watching TV or reading, so that you can enjoy every bite you get. It is a recommendation of utmost importance to focus your diet on healthy food, so that the body can get every important vitamin and minerals on a daily basis.

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