Integrative Body Psychotherapy

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The promoter of the Integrative Body Psychotherapy was doctor Jack Lee Rosenberg after being introduced by doctor Marjorie Rand and the analyst Diana Asay, a practice detailed in the book ‘Body, Self and Soul-Sustaining Integration’ published in 1985. On a large scale, the integrative psychotherapy combines some important practices among which we can remember Yoga and Eastern practices, bio-energetic analysis, object relations therapy, self psychology, or gestalt therapy and reichian therapy.

Nowadays, there can be found 14 such institutes around the globe, and we can mention countries like Germany, Belgium and Switzerland in Europe where this practice falls under the European Association for Body Psychotherapy, and Canada and United States of America where the practice is approved by the U.S. Association for Body Psychotherapy.

The Integrative Body Psychotherapy, for short IBP, is a practice that involves experiences like emotional, social, somatic and spiritual aspects and help strengthening the bond between the self, soul and body. This can be performed trough embodiment and words.

Self psychology (core or true self), grounding, breath, boundaries, body-awareness, here and now, transference and counter transference, issue of sexuality etc. are the main concepts used in IBP. Later on, some other important concepts were developed with Beverly Morse Ph. D, among which we can mention: agency and self agency Daniel Stern, character style, secret themes. All these concepts aimed to create a better and stronger sense of awareness, integrating the being as a whole and in relation with the others and with the cosmic powers.


Dentists and later on, psychotherapists and counselors were the first ones to implement Jack Lee Rosenberg’s mind-body psychology.

The IBP therapy developed by Rosenberg included aspects like object relations theory, self psychology, Yoga and Eastern theories, Transpersonal psychology, bioenergetics etc. including his personal perspectives and synthesizing the essence of these practices; all these led to becoming an important member of the San Francisco Gestalt Institute of Psychotherapy between 1968 and 1976. He also became a training therapist and published ‘ Integrative Body Psychotherapy’, first entitled  Gestalt Body Psychotherapy, after beginning to write in 1979 ‘ Body, Self and Soul – Sustaining Integration’.

We can mention here that Jack Lee Rosenberg had the great opportunity of deeply learning the psychotherapy techniques and practices from some of the greatest leaders of Human Potential Movement. This experience was achieved in 1963 at the Esalen Institute and among the important persons that participated to this learning process we can mention here Carl Rogers, Moshe Feldenkrais, Ida Pauline Rolf (Rolfing), Alexander Lowen, Will Shuts, John Periocus, Rollo May, Fritz Perls in regards to the Gestalt therapy and Abraham Maslow.

During the same period at the same institute, Rosenberg learned Yoga and Eastern techniques and practices, the people responsible for this being Philip Cucurudo, Reichian therapy expert and Robert K. Hall from the Lomi School and student of Fritz Perls. Rosenberg had the opportunity to work alongside with people like Jack Downing, M.D who is the founder of the Gestalt Institute in San Francisco, Janie Ryan, M.A and Elaine Kepner, Ph. D. He also became member of the Self Psychology group.

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