Integrative Manual Therapy

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Some of the most depressing conditions for the people, by breaking down both their optimism and will are the dysfunctions. They discourage people to try and use them as close to normal as possible and they cause some big troubles such as entrapped blood vessels, the partial or total lack of flexibility or mobility of that body part, determines the muscles to weaken or even to shut down and in some cases, they stop those body parts to grow normally, remaining undeveloped or smaller in size. At the roots of these conditions usually there is either an accident or some disease.

In treating such conditions based on dysfunctions, the massage therapy has proved to be one of the most successful approaches. More than that, it has been developed a special kind of massage therapy, named Integrative Manual Therapy which deals specifically with body parts dysfunctions. This technique aims to help the patient regain as much mobility of the affected body part as possible, by using a combination of methods which, acting as a unified technique, is known as a somatic kind of therapeutic massage.

One of the base principles of the integrative manual therapy is that the bond between the body and the mind is extremely important, especially in these cases in which it’s very important to trigger the healing mechanisms of the human body.

The person who basically invented this therapy did this because of her own needs, having herself some conditions like sciatica, headaches and back pains. Dr S. Weiselfish-Giammatteo, a physician and a physical therapist, created the integrative manual therapy out of her own convictions that the body can start a recovery process in order to overcome particular difficulties or conditions. After managing to prove that, integrative manual therapy became renowned and she started to teach its methods to the public.

A various number of elements from different areas and techniques are used in order to provide the desired efficiency to this therapy. Therefore, acupuncture, osteopathic techniques and reflexology are three of the techniques that, combined, give a wonderful and efficient therapy that also knows how to turn to softer massage when dealing with children and elder people.

The first step when the integrative manual therapy sessions begin is manually touching the affected area so a proper evaluation can be carried out. After this, the evaluation continues during other sessions as well, being a very important source of information when trying to find out exactly how the work progresses. By this procedure called “the listening hands”, the therapist tries to make an idea about the body rhythm, observing the breathe frequency and other body parts movement.

This method has proved to achieve very good results over time, so patients expecting treatment and healing for problems like back pains, attention deficit disorder, autistic spectrum disorder and pains of other parts as well, are very entitled to do so and there are really big chances to see and feel improvements after a number of sessions. However, only a trained professional or expert can ensure the best results are obtained in the shortest time possible.

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