Natal Hypnotherapy

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For most women that are soon to become mothers, being pregnant and the fact that they will give birth are very exciting feelings and they usually can hardly wait for the big event. However, for other women this is also a source of fear and they are hunted by some worries, being, at the same time, an overwhelming feeling. People around pregnant women usually relate stories of their own experiences which sometimes have negative aspects even if they have only good intentions and they make the mothers to be become worried and haunted by a lot of questions.

These fears mustn’t be allowed to flourish; on contrary, they must be addressed, so the expectant mothers can gain enough control over their own bodies that it brings some peace and calm to them. This is usually obtained through active education and preparation. Since the preparation of the body and mind for the coming acts is very important, the mothers need to be very active during this entire process. This will ensure an easier, gentler birth which is, in fact, what all mothers want. This is the same as participating in a marathon: you can’t go running so much without proper training, practice and warming before the start.

One of the methods used for this preparation process is birth hypnosis. It is comprised of more techniques such as breathing exercises, imagery, relaxation and even self hypnosis and nutrition. This birth education program helps reducing or even eradicating the stress during the birth, as well as making the mother feel in control so that she uses her body in the most natural way possible. Some other effects are reduced labor period and fatigue, lowered risks of post-natal depression and maternal exhaustion and eventually ensures the baby’s well being.

Some important steps to be made in order to achieve all the above are some techniques which a mother to be needs to go through. Self hypnosis, relaxation exercises as well as breathing techniques, emphasizing the feeling of being in control and focusing on the bond and teamwork with the partner during the labor process are some of the stages of pre-natal preparation. Besides these, understanding and keeping the fear-tension pain syndrome in a leash can count enormously during the birth.

Unfortunately, in western vision the hospitals are more associated to death and diseases, while in eastern cultures the birth is considered to be a normal process, even if the actual delivery is not made pain free. This is the factor that decides if the fear occurs in the mother before the labor begins. Therefore, some roots for negative thoughts and feelings about giving birth are located in the unconscious, where hypnosis can easily gain access and amend some elements for the better. Even if some popular beliefs associate hypnosis with all kinds of negative actions, it is in fact no more special than the so well known day dreaming. It’s basically a deep state of relaxation which opens a door to the unconscious and allows some positive interventions to be made.

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