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For many teens, sitting in a therapist’s office talking about their feelings is not particularly tempting. But talking to a therapist online may not sound too bad.

Teen Counseling – it is the ideal solution for those who are afraid to meet with a specialist one-on-one in a medical office. The platform «Teen Counseling» can be called by other names such as e-therapy, internet-based counseling or telepsychology. But, in any case, this is the right decision that will save the teenager from any problems.

Teen Counseling Review: Company Profile

The platform TeenCounseling was founded in 2013. More than 1000 psychologists work on the platform, who are ready to help at any time.

If you are thinking of online Teen Counseling for your teen, or if you suspect your child has a mental illness, start by talking to your teen’s doctor. You can rule out any health problems that could cause mental health problems.

A Teen Counseling doctor can advise you if online therapy is a good option based on your teen’s needs. If your child has a serious mental health condition or a doctor has safety concerns, online treatment may not be the best option.

Consider your teen’s opinion. Regardless of what type of treatment your teen is receiving, their investment and interest in the process will go a long way in how effective the therapy is.

Teen Counseling Review: Signing Up

Teen Counseling uses a secure communication channel. Your personal data is not passed on to third parties. We guarantee you 100% confidentiality.

  1. Fill out the form and provide information about yourself.
  2. Our managers will select for you a qualified specialist who can solve your problem.
  3. If you are looking for a therapist for your children, you will have the opportunity to talk to a therapist. You will be able to discuss all the important issues that cause concern. Only after communication, the specialist will contact the child.
  4. All Teen Counseling classes are conducted in a special application that works on all gadgets.
  5. If the therapist is concerned about any questions, he can share them with the parents. However, all information remains strictly confidential and is not shared with third parties.
  6. After registration you will be taken to the payment page. Having paid for the consultation, you can immediately contact a specialist.

According to Teen Counseling therapists, the platform aims to build trust between professionals and the child, as well as between the child and the family. “This is extremely important, because a family in crisis, in our culture, unfortunately, does not have the experience, skills to receive professional help. And we can organize such help and create relationships of trust. And we hope that if next time a teenager who was our patient will not be able to cope with the crisis, he will come to the post-hospital support office and ask for help. “

Teen Counseling Review: Pricing

We offer you several convenient payment methods for consultations:

  1. You will be charged $ 45 per week. $ 180 per month. With this, you will have the opportunity to communicate with the therapist indefinitely through messages. If you require online therapy, you will have to pay $ 25 per session.
  2. You have the opportunity to pay $ 65 per week, the amount will be $ 260 per month. In this regard, you will be able to chat with a therapist in unlimited quantities. In addition, you get 4 online consultations per month.

Both tariff plans compare favorably with face-to-face consultations. As a bonus, we offer our clients a variety of payment options, including PayPal.

You can cancel each of these plans as needed.

Teen Counseling Review: Usability (Desktop & Mobile)

Getting started with the Teen Counseling is easy. On the site you will find answers to all the questions and details you need to get started, but the company’s capabilities are not limited to this.

If you have any questions during registration, you can ask them to the support service.

By registering your account, you will see all the services that we provide to our clients. When a specialist contacts you, you can start therapy in a encrypted chat. This particular room is designed for teenagers and counselors who will deal with their problems. Even the parents of a teenager will not be able to enter the chat and read the information.

By the way, Teen Sunsaling chat is very similar to Google or Skopé chat, but it plays a very important role. They link the counselor and the teenager. On the platform, you can create a chat, exchange messages, organize video calls and make calls.

The room is open 24/7, seven days a week, so teens can send messages anytime. Plus, Teen Counseling has a free iOS and Android app.

Teen Counseling Review: Counselor Support & Effectiveness

As a rule, online therapy on the Teen Counseling platform is preceded by a preliminary conversation between the psychologist and the parents. On it you will receive detailed information on how the specialist will interact with your child. In addition, you will receive recommendations on how you, parents, can help your son or daughter right now.

In the first online lesson, you can describe in detail the situation that has arisen or your question. On it you will be able to indicate what results you expect from the consultations of a psychologist and how you will understand that your child’s work with a specialist is going well.

The first step in the work of a psychologist with a teenager will be to establish contact and thoroughly study the situation. In addition, we will conduct diagnostics of the emotional state and personality traits of a teenager. We also identify the opportunities that exist in order to cope with the problem that has arisen.

Most often, this stage takes two online consultations. Thanks to him, the cause of the problem that has arisen is revealed and ways of solving it are determined. But, as a rule, it becomes easier for a teenager already at the first consultation on the Teen Counseling platform. He sees that he is not criticized, not taught, he is sympathized and supported. And it helps him to trust the psychologist. It also increases his willingness to move on with this person in solving his problems.

 The guarantee of compliance with the principle of confidentiality by the psychologist is the basis on which the adolescent’s trust in the specialist is formed. She helps him to open up, talk about the innermost, be open to receive psychological help.

The teenager has the right for the psychologist to share the information received from him with his parents with his consent. This can take place both at a joint consultation, in which both the teenager and the parents can take part, or at a separate meeting with the parents.

In general, a psychologist helps a teenager get to know and understand himself and others better. He learns how to properly express his feelings, learns to establish and maintain relationships with other people. This is important knowledge and skills for his current life. And also a good support for his prosperous and successful future.

Teen Counseling Review: Confidentiality & Privacy

Anyone working on the Teen Counseling platform with young people requires first meeting the parents. It is the adult in charge of a minor child who must make a request, contact a psychologist. 

Let me explain why. Since we are talking about adolescents, it is the parents who are responsible for their health (including psychological), well-being and safety. An adult can evaluate a specialist, understand that this is a professional psychologist and he specializes in developmental psychology. Experience and developed critical thinking will help find the psychologist who can provide professional help and support to their child. In addition, parents will be aware of the ongoing work, will be able to contribute to the correction process. And if there are difficulties in the relationship, then even more so, without the participation of two parties, the effectiveness will be extremely low.

This does not exclude, however, confidentiality, which, of course, young people rely on. The psychologist does not retell the content of the conversation to the parents, does not give out information. And if it is very serious about the health and safety of the teenager, then the psychologist acts as a mediator, helping the child and parents hear each other. One conversation is enough, and in the future we will be able to work directly with the teenager.

Teen Counseling’s Counselor Qualifications:

Today, the teaching staff of the Teen Counseling platform numbers more than 1000 specialists who have established themselves not only as worthy teachers, but also as experienced and in-demand psychologists. Most of the teachers conduct individual consultations in psychological centers, as well as trainings and therapy groups.

On the Teen Counseling platform, we cannot recommend medications, but we are always happy to provide useful advice and recommendations.

If you have already filled out the questionnaire, we will study the answers to your questions as soon as possible and select the best specialist. This means that every teenager will find a true friend and receive qualified help. All experts have the experience and the necessary level of education to solve the most difficult issues.

Teen Counseling Review: Specialties & Areas of Expertise

Psychological help for adolescents is needed if the following symptoms are present:

Depression. Depression signals are:

  •  depression;
  •  irritability;
  • isolation.
  • Self-destructive behavior – addiction to cigarettes, alcohol.
  • Problematic behavior – rudeness, frequent manifestations of aggression, mood swings.
  •  Frequent conflicts with parents.
  • Difficulties in socializing with peers – bullying by classmates, lack of friends, rejection by society.

If psychological assistance is not provided to adolescents on time, the outcome will be disastrous. He may engage in self-harm (self-harm), try to commit suicide, and may develop an eating disorder.

We would like to note right away that the Teen Counseling platform will not be able to help you if:

  •  you want to hurt yourself;
  •  you are in an emergency when a psychologist is required by a court order;
  • you don’t have reliable internet access.

We will do everything so that every teenager who comes to us for help can overcome his problems. We dream that all teenagers are kind and good people!

Bottom Line:

There are several reasons why you might want to consider online therapy for your teen over traditional therapy.

  • Teenagers are comfortable with the Internet. Most teens enjoy chatting online, so computer therapy can be more comfortable than face-to-face communication with a therapist.
  • Online therapy can be more convenient. Online therapy can save time because you don’t have to travel to the therapist’s office. For teens who live in rural areas or those without transportation, online meetings can provide easier access.
  • There is less stigma towards him. Many adolescents feel embarrassed by seeing a therapist and may fear that their peers will find out that they are being treated. Online therapy can reduce many of these problems.
  • It might be cheaper. Online therapy prices can be lower than personal therapy, so it may be more affordable.

Online consultation is a completely new form of communication between a doctor and a patient, which has appeared in our country only in the last 10-15 years. Previously, it simply did not exist due to the lack of computers and the Internet for most citizens. Now it is one of the most popular services that medical websites provide to their users.

This is probably the most useful feature that has been created so far. And we hope that the platform will bring many benefits to both teenagers and their parents.

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