Why are you too lazy to train. Psychology of sports motivation

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Look around you – acquaintances, friends, relatives – in the modern world people are more and more motivated to achieve their goals.
Whether it’s a successful career or a desirable body, this driving force for achieving certain results, called “motivation,” has taken over society. But this is hardly new.

Motivation is at stake for everyone, but achieving goals also depends on the environment in which we find ourselves. Psychological research has found that humans are active beings who seek to develop and discover new stimuli. Being motivated to do something means having a reason that motivates us to be involved in the action.

Psychologists divide motivation into two types – internal and external. Intrinsic motivation is characterized by interest and curiosity, which are critical to completing a task. No reward is required to complete the assignment. When motivated internally, a person does an action because it gives him pleasure.

Extrinsic motivation explains an action that is taken not because of the pleasure of doing it, but because of the results it produces. Everyone participates in actions that are simply tools to achieve the desired result (reward, avoidance of punishment, recognition by someone).

Everyone finds their own source of motivation. What makes me achieve my goal?
What we fail and the reason we fail to achieve our goals is not because we are incapable, not motivated, or insufficiently qualified. The reason is that we do not have a goal, or even that we do not have the ability to realize it. Success and results are very important for maintaining motivation, but when our goal is unrealistic, the approach to achieving it is wrong, and there is not enough time, we fail and, accordingly, become demotivated. The following paragraphs will discuss 9 reasons for failure and how to avoid it and stay motivated:

Reason for failure # 1: You have no goal!

The first and most important thing in sport (and in life) is to have a goal, as well as a vision of how to achieve it, because if you don’t know where you want to go, how do you know where to go and what direction to put in the effort?
Goal setting is the key to our motivation.
Achieving a certain result brings us happiness and satisfaction, makes us feel significant and successful. And this feeling is contagious, and as soon as we feel it, we want more!

Failure Reason # 2: You Don’t Set Attainable Goals!

Take a piece of paper and write down your top priorities (university, work, children, etc.). See where you put the sport on this list. Don’t worry if there are many other things ahead. It is important to determine how important it is for you to exercise and set yourself an achievable goal. The most important thing is not to compare yourself with others for whom fitness is their number one priority. Remember that everyone has their own goal and their own path to it.

Reason for Failure # 3: You Don’t Link Your Goals With Emotion!

If your goal is to lose weight, think about how you will feel after losing weight, how every area of ​​your life will change. Will you have more confidence to speak, for example, in front of people (which will help you in your work / university). Will you feel more confident when friends invite you to the pool. Will you feel better in your body and the clothes you wear. Think about what sports will bring. Write it down on a piece of paper. When you lack motivation, remember them! Think and identify all the reasons why you want to play sports! Everyone has different motives for being active. For example, I play sports because:

  • I feel good in my body;
  • it makes me happy;
  • because I want to be athletic and be able to cope with various physical problems;
  • because it gives me energy and improves my mood;
  • because it gives me the desire to live and satisfies me;
  • because it gives me confidence in myself;
  • because it unloads me and frees my brain of all thoughts.

Identify your reasons. List them, and whenever you lack motivation, take a look at this list.

Reason for Failure # 4: You are not following a specific program, but acting chaotically!

Every time you find yourself in the gym and decide on the spot what to train, it turns out that you are lazy, give up until the end of the workout, or just create a workout too easy for yourself and rush to leave. The situation is completely different when you have a specific program in which each day is assigned which exercises to do. Then you know exactly what and when to do, and there is no reason for you to leave without completing everything and not showing yourself!

Reason for error # 5: You have a specific program, but it’s not right for you!

Your program must be tailored to your capabilities, leisure and goals. You may have the best fitness program that includes 60 minutes of workouts 6 times a week, but due to your hectic daily routine, you may want to devote 4 days to exercise per week.

Reason for failure # 6: You haven’t found the right sport for you!

In the last few years, fitness has become very popular, and you can even call it “fashion”. But if you don’t need to lift weights or work out in the gym, just don’t worry. This is not the only way to achieve the desired body. Find a sport that gives you pleasure and motivation.
Try different things and choose what makes you feel motivated and makes your day interesting.

For some people, fitness is about high-intensity workouts that make them feel alive, while strength training is about feeling secure and in control. They seem to be challenging. After completing a workout, they experience great pleasure knowing what their body is capable of and how it gets stronger after each workout. However, this may be another sport for you. Try it!

Reason for Failure # 7: You Can’t Wait!

Changing your body takes a lot of patience and persistence (but worth it and quite possible)! Instead of getting discouraged after every workout and checking the results in the mirror, try to love the process because it’s just as fun. Focus on the sensation that every workout brings, enjoy it, and stay consistent – results won’t be long in coming.

Reason for Failure # 8: Don’t Increase Motivation!

People very often praise motivation, as well as how important it is for achieving goals. The truth is, it won’t be every day that you will be filled with energy and desire to achieve your goals. You won’t be motivated every day.


At the end of the article, we can say that the key to achieving the desired body is patience and perseverance!
We are what we do every day! Success consists of small steps taken every day.

Success is a habit!

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